Route Helper

Route Helper


The primary function of the route helper is to assist the driver in loading our product into merchandisers at each stop. Each helper is expected to be at work and ready to assist the driver no later than the time indicated on the schedule. Once the helper is clocked in, he is expected to assist the driver in loading the product on the truck for the days route. Once the truck arrives at the stop the helper will exit the truck, clear the backing zone for the driver, and safely spot for the driver as he backs the truck into position. Once the truck is in position the helper will begin to assist in loading the ice merchandiser. This involves utilizing a hand truck or loading the merchandiser by hand straight out of the back of the truck. At times the use of a lift gate or ramp out of the back of the truck will be required. After the merchandiser has been filled the driver will finish the delivery process and the helper will be responsible for securing the load in the back of the truck. This involves strapping any loose pallets of ice down as well as securing empty pallets and rods to the side of the truck box. Once the load is secured, ensure the door to the box is secure and return to the cab of the truck. Once the stop is completed the driver will proceed to the next stop on the route. After the route is completed the helper will assist the driver in unloading empty pallets and any product remaining on the truck. Once the truck box is completely empty the helper will sweep any loose debris (loose wood pieces and any dirt or other material) that collected in the box of the truck over the course of the day. If time permits on some days the helper will be expected the clean the interior of the truck cab as well as some areas in the warehouse.


  1. Minimum 16 years of age.
  2. Must be able to speak and understand English.
  3. Must arrive at work no later than the scheduled time and be wearing clean appropriate clothing for the days work.
  4. Must have physical ability to carry 60Ibs. of product repeatedly for extended periods of time.
  5. Must have physical ability to climb in and out of a 4-foot-tall truck.
  6. Must have physical ability to control a 2- or 4-wheel hand truck loaded with 200- S00lbs. of product through the work place.
  7. Must possess the ability to work independently.
  8. Must be able to read a map and follow driving directions.
  9. Must be able to work in various weather conditions.
  10. Must be able to perform frequent bending, kneeling, squatting, turning, and twisting of the body
  11. Must be able to interact with customers in a professional manner.
  12. Must review and follow all company safety procedures.
  13. Must complete all training before operating electric pallet jack, if appropriate age.

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